MyPaint badly needs your language skills to make the 1.2.0 release a reality. Please help us out by translating the program into your language. We literally cannot make v1.2.0 a good release of MyPaint without your help, so to help you out we’ve made it as easy as we can for you to get involved by translating program texts.

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Begin translating now:

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The texts in the MyPaint application are in heavy need of updating for the 23 languages currently supported. If you’re fluent in a language other than English, and have a good working knowledge of MyPaint and the English language, then you can help our translation effort.

We’re using a really cool online translation service called WebLate, another Open Source project whose developers have very graciously offered us free hosting. It integrates with our Github development workflow very nicely indeed, so well in fact that I’m hoping to use it for continuous translation after 1.2.0 has been released.

To get involved, click on the begin translating now link above, and sign in with Github, Google, or Facebook. You can create an account limited to just the Weblate developers’ hosted service too. There are two parts to MyPaint: the main application, and its brush-painting library. Both components need translating.

Maintaining language files can be a lot of work, so you should get credit for the work you do. The usual workflow isn’t anonymous: your email address and sign-in name will be recorded in the commit log on Github, and you can put your names in the about box by translating the marker string “translator-credits” when it comes up! If you’d prefer to work anonymously, you don’t have to sign in: you can just make suggestions via WebLate for other translators to review and integrate.

Even if your language is complete, you can help by sharing the link above among your colleagues and friends on social media.

Thank you to all of our current translators, and in advance to new translators, for all the wonderful work you’re doing. I put a lot of my time into MyPaint trying to make sure that it’s beautiful, responsive, and stable. I deeply appreciate all the work that others do on the project too and, from a monoglot like myself, some of the most inspiring work I see happening on the project by others is all the effort put into making MyPaint comprehensible and international. Many, many thank yous.