It’s time to start putting the next release together, folks!

I would like to announce a freeze of all translated strings on Sat 11th July 2015, and then begin working on the first beta release properly. New features raised as a Github Pull Request by the end of Sat 4th July stand a chance of getting in, but midnight on that day is the deadline for new code submissions if they touch text the user will see on screen.

The next release will be numbered 1.2.0; we are currently in the alpha phase of development for it, but that phase will end shortly.

Fixing the remaining alpha-cycle bugs is going well. We currently only have four bugs left in the cycle milestone, and that number will diminish further shortly. The main goal right now is to merge and test any pending small features that people want to get into 1.2.0, and to thoroughly spellcheck and review the English-language source strings so that things will be better for our translators.

Expect announcements about the translation effort, and dates for beta releases shortly.