The MyPaint wiki will be closed down shortly: our hosting provider will be closing down the server it runs on.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing: it encourages us to migrate the content somewhere a little more central, and make hard-nosed decisions about what to keep and what to ignore that we’ve been putting off since forever (there has been so. much. spam.!)

So, we’ll be migrating at least the user manual and the brushpacks page to our home on Github so that they can still be maintained. If you think that anything else should be retained, please go to

and have a dig around. If you see an area which should be copied, please link to it on our tracking issue for this migration,

Thank you.

Especial thanks to Techmight for hosting our site and our DNS for many years! And thanks to all previous contributors to the wiki too. We will try to retain your content, or give you all fair warning to move it elsewhere.