Just to tease a bit our Windows users about a good news : today Tumagonx on our IRC channel ( #mypaint , FreeNode ) posted a screenshot of a recent build of Mypaint running on a Windows operating system environment. This simply mean Mypaint 1.0 ( coming soon ) will also be available for this platform. because we know many users waited for it, we wanted to share the good news immediately. Be patient until the future packaging and download available.

[Update: 6 November] For our Windows beta tester : Tumagonx packaged the ‘beta’ on his webpage here : http://opensourcepack.blogspot.com/2009/08/mypaint-git-build-for-win32.html

Name on the list: mypaint-git-061111.7z [debug GTK dll, tablet fixed]

Help and report your bug here using this unstable version.