Here is a short summary of MyPaint related things form Libre Graphics Meeting 2010.

The two most active MyPaint developers Martin Renold and Jon Nordby attended, along with a number of MyPaint community members like “Popolon” and “Vlada”. Also attending was serveral users, including some that use MyPaint professionally like Camille Bissue “Yagraph”. Sadly David Revoy, professional MyPaint user and concept artist on the Durian Open Movie project was not able to make it this year.

Martin Renold, the main developer and original creator of MyPaint did a technical talk on combining C/C++ with Python titled Extending Python for Speed (click link to watch).

An OpenRaster birds-of-a-feather session was held. It drew a lot of people, both from free and open source projects like GIMP, Krita, Inkscape, Scribus, ghostscript, and Nathive, but also prfessional standards people from Adobe, Opera, and w3c attended, in addition to interested end-users. The topics were wide and mostly focused on long-term things, but consensus was reached on a number of points regarding the standard and on the direction of the format. This work will hopfully lead to a better experience for users of MyPaint and the OpenRaster file format.

Next year we hope to see even more people involved in MyPaint, both developers, community members and artists!