Finally we got MyPaint 0.8.0 released. There were many persons involved coding, creating new brushes and translating. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

My personal highlight are all the new brushes, nicely grouped and ready to be discovered. This happened even though the number of changes in the brush engine was near zero. Some brushes are even doing effects that I did not expect to be possible.

More on the GUI side, appart from brush grouping there now is a layer list and a new color selector. You can also select brushes by pointing at a previous stroke (press w), and there is a way to draw straight lines (hold shift). The user interface has been translated into 14 languages.

It is also noteworthy that the performance when zoomed out was improved, and of course there were many minor changes and bugfixes.

Personally I am excited about all the new contributions flowing in. But I hope I will also find time to work on the brush engine again. The GUI did require so much attention lately. Anyway, have fun with the new release!

Download and Sources