Here we are, the new MyPaint site is online and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I decided to help the project creating at least a nice looking website and trying to have more people focus their attention to this wonderful project, so please tell me if there’s anything I can get better about it, maybe in the forums, maybe on [my place] (, wherever you wish!

MyPaint’s website is hosted now by IntiLinuX Projects and we’ll also try to create fresh debs for this great tool, based on the latest code available. If possible, we’d love to set up a repository for you to stay updated if you use a Debian based distro (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)! We also host a new forum, go visit it, subscribe and participate to the community life. So what else to say? I’m starting this trip with Martin just now, I hope it will last long and tha MyPaint will have some good input from all of this :)